Advanced supervision group ISTDP spring 2023

Welcome to the tutoring group at Länka spring semester 2023!

What is it? Link’s supervision group is aimed at you who have completed the core training and long for context to be seen and encouraged in your continued development as an ISTDP therapist. It is aimed at you who have technical knowledge about interventions, but experience obstacles within yourself to progress in your development. The focus is on video tutorials, role-play exercises, and discussions around relevant professional as well as personal themes. The group meets with the aim of developing the capacity to face and care for our patients’ and our own emotional blockages and blind spots. You commit to one semester at a time and have a therapy video with you to be supervised on each occasion. Maximum number in the group is four.

Where is it? Via zoom video link, as well as a whole day in Länka’s retreat house in Floda, 30 minutes outside Gothenburg.


Thursday 9 February at 8:30-11:30
Thursday 23 February at 8:30-11:30
Thursday 9 March at 8:30-11:30
Thursday 23 March at 8:30-11:30
Thursday, April 6 at 8:30-11:30
Friday 21 April at 9:00-16:00 in Floda
Thursday 11 May at 8:30-11:30

For who? You who have completed core. Maximum 4 participants.

Price? SEK 1500 excl. VAT/occasion. Paid via invoice monthly.

Organiser: Länka has been run by Liv Raissi and Shahir Mansouri since 2022. With Liv as treatment manager and Shahir as practical manager, they receive therapies, retreat guests and trainings. Liv Raissi is a play psychologist and certified ISTDP therapist and ISTDP supervisor. She is one of the founders of the Swedish ISTDP institute. In addition to therapies and training under its own auspices, Liv teaches at Sapu University. Liv has previously worked based on CBT models, primarily trauma-focused CBT (prolonged exposure) at a PTSD clinic. She is currently taking a course in psychedelic assisted therapy which will end in November 2022. Her starting point as a therapist is to contribute with specific interventions adapted to each patient based on an open heart and flexible attitude.


Downloadable flyer: